• 18 April 2019 - 23:46
  • News Code: 99088

Central Bank of Iran's Governor had a meeting with Marcus Leitner Swiss ambassador to Iran regarding developing banking relations.

At the meeting, Swiss ambassador pointed to his country's determination for strengthening banking and financial relations with Iran, adding Switzerland has always had an appropriate banking and financial relations with the Republic Islamic of Iran. 

He went on to say that sanctions and restrictions shouldn't cause banking relations restriction. The official mentioned that Swiss government has done essential tasks for improving trade and banking ties and also reopening banking channel between Iran and Switzerland. Leitner said we will see the increase of banking exchange between two countries soon.

Abbolnaser Hemmati, Central Bank of Iran's Governor, at the meeting emphasized the development of financial and trade relations in the line with two-sided interests, highlighting the Republic Islamic of Iran welcomes Swiss government's attempts and Iran considers promoting trade with Switzerland in the line with two countries' interests.

'Expediting opening banking channel between two countries indicates positive sign in the governments' move toward coordinating their international trade and financial policies based on two-sided interests not according to external pressures, so this trend should be supported and strengthened', Hemmati said.

The governor said that the Republic Islamic of Iran regardless of U.S. pressures and based on its own national interests will pursue trade and banking relations development with other countries.


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