• 14 March 2019 - 20:27
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 بانک مرکزی  و ارز

Central Bank of Iran's Governor reports the formation of evolution in the mix of goods, export services and Iran's trade destinations.

Abdolnaser Hemmati who traveled with President Hassan Rouhani to Iraq, after coming back to home pointed to agreements which were made with Iraqi authorities, stressing that based on the current trend which is being formed in economic and trade relations between Iran and Iraq and also other adjacent countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan...we can report a formation of evolution in the mix of goods, export services and Iran's trade destinations. 

He added the failure of U.S sanctions policy is coming true in practice and its effect appear in Iran's trade structure change gradually. Hemmati went on to say that the quick reaction of trade activists and supporting government-related organizations will accelerate the achievement of this evolution.

Central Bank of Iran's Governor emphasized that elimination of dollar in Iran's regional and global exchanges with other countries is one of Iran's new strategic trade achievements.

The official highlighted that restrict in monetary exchanges between Iran and Iraq due to U.S sanctions against Iran has increased the complexity of two countries' banking relations, but we could handle it appropriately through a special payment mechanism and will receive dues and money for our extensive export to Iraq.

'The next move for completing this strategy is making balance in Iran' trade balance with neighbour countries, so it reduces our direct import dependence on other countries drastically', Hemmati said.

He made the remarks that at present, we are in a special situation for employing the national capacity for supporting national production and export and also decreasing the reliance on crude oil export and importing made goods, therefore it can play a role in defeating sanctions.


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