• 24 September 2018 - 19:55
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دکتر همتی

Central Bank of Iran's Governor reports that Iran's non-oil export stood at 22.7 billion dollars by 23rd of Sharivar (14 September), emphasizing that this figure has to return to the country's economic cycle.

IBENA- In the sidelines of the planning and budget commission of Parliament,  Abdolnaser Hemmati said the major provider of the secondary market and NIMA system is non-oil export foreign currency, adding approximately 22.7 billion dollars was our non-oil export by Sharivar 23 and it has to come back to the country's economic cycle.

He highlighted that exporters either have to import goods or hand in their foreign currency to NIMA system. Hemmati mentioned the amount of foreign currency which has been entered the economic cycle until now is low, going on since the beginning of the current year, roughly 3.8 billion dollars have been distributed in NIMA system, which are mostly related to petrochemical companies.

Central Bank of Iran's Governor said it is expected that exporters by taking into account the country's economic situation, import their foreign currency in the country through their exports.

The official said the whole effort of the government is to pursue various ways through Oil Ministry and the Central Bank to defuse U.S. Administration's pressure on our revenue's sources.

Hemmati went on to say that our foreign exchange reserves are in good state, adding since two months ago the foreign exchange reserves have increased and we have made an attempt to provide people's real need for foreign currency through banks and exchange shops.

He stressed that the Central Bank is looking for implementing some monetary policies to organize capital market. Hemmati made the remarks the secondary market is very significant for the country because it meets the commercial sector's needs, highlighting the secondary market should be strengthened.

Central Bank of Iran's Governor said the government so as to control the market, gives dollar with the price of 4200 toman for basic commodities and it has devoted 13 billion dollars so far.


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