• 12 August 2018 - 20:10
  • News Code: 89835
ناصر حکیمی

Deputy of Central Bank's New Technologies said SEPAM system can be replaced with SWIFT in Iran's financial transactions with other countries, adding the most serious barrier on this way is finding countries to accept this matter.

Resistance Economy Committee of Iran's Parliament was held by the presence of members of parliament, experts, Central Bank's officials and some merchants to review currency agreements advancement and cope with SWIFT's threats.

Naser Hakimi, Deputy of Central Bank's New Technologies, mentioned that the most serious obstacle regarding using SWIFT alternatives is finding countries to accept this matter and be prepared to do transaction with us through non- SWIFT.

He added, Iran's banking industry's bottleneck is not a system or a network because its system exists in the Central Bank and can be run in two or three days, which is as similar as SWIFT. Also it doesn't need any training course.

"We pursued this issue in 1390 and 1391 and SEPAM system was established, which is usable today and we should just make its contract with opposite sides", the official said.

It is worth mentioning that ibena is an only specialized news agency in banking and economy areas, which is affiliated to the Central Bank of Iran.


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