• 9 April 2018 - 17:06
  • News Code: 84295

Economic and Investment Deputy of Arvand Free Zone said in the previous year 10 thousand billion rials and also 250 million dollars were attracted in Arvand free zone as a domestic and foreign investment, respectively.

Syyed Ali Mousavi stated that there are 19 knowledge enterprises in Arvand free zone, adding they worked there on projects in recent years. He went on to say that this investment has been obtained in trade, industry, energy and oil, tourism, maritime industries, making ship and food stuffs.

The Iranian official highlighted that absorbing investment and developing non oil exports are among major plans of Arvand free zone in the current year, mentioning quality and quantity growth in trade, industry and tourism sectors for supporting investors have been emphasized in the current year.

Economic and Investment Deputy of Arvand Free Zone said in 97 the research market of the region will be compatible with international standards for investors.
Mousavi made the remarks that all investment projects in the zone will be monitored by supervisory management knowledge in the current year, adding increasing investment attraction in both domestic and foreign parts is as major plan of the zone in this year.

Arvand Free Zone is in the northwest part of the Persian Gulf with an area of 37,400 hectares including Abadan, Khoramshahr, Minoushahr (Minou Island) and is located in the intersection of two rivers namely Arvand and Karoun.

The zone is adjacent with Iraq and Kuwait and because of having suitable capacities such as road, rail, sea and air transportation, it is especially important.


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