• 10 February 2018 - 16:05
  • News Code: 81942

UAE, China, India and Turkey are 4 first major destination of Iranian goods via south customs.

The survey of the biggest Iranian customs performance in Hormozgan province indicates that exports volume in terms of weight via the province's customs grew 14 million tons and also in terms of value it increased 11 thousand billion toman last year (based on Persian calendar).

According to the report, the performance of the customs which are located in the south of the country, rose 3 billion dollars in terms of value in the previous year, comparing with 1394.

Imports from the customs during the period in terms of weight shows 1 million tons increase and in terms of value it is 9 thousand billion toman, while exports grew 1.9 billion dollars in terms of value via Hormozgan province customs in the last year.

The majority of Iranian export goods were shipped to UAE, China, India and Turkey through big south customs of the country in the previous year. Moreover, gypsum, copper and its concentrate, iron ore and its concentrate devoted the most volume of exports.

Also the most imports to Iran in the same time were done by South Korea, UAE, China, Thailand, China... and the major import items were iron and steel railroads, rice, paper, cardboard and so on.

The south customs' revenues in the last year grew 4 thousand billion toman from the year earlier and foreign transit volume increased 1 million ton, while domestic transit decreased 28 thousand tons.

It is worth noting that discovered smuggling files in Hormozgan's customs went up, indicating 55 billion toman in terms of value.


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