• 9 February 2018 - 19:40
  • News Code: 81900

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance reported that Iran is ready to concede millions of economic projects to foreign investors.

At a meeting held in Paris and with the presence of Deputy Chairman of French Economic and Commercial Employers' Council (International MEDEF) and more than 300 representatives of major French companies, Mohammad Khazaei participated .

Deputy Chairman of French Economic and Commercial Employers' Council, in his part, expressed that it's our honor that we are your host in MEDEF. He said we want to see stronger Iran, expressing his hope that Iran's participation in this meeting and giving more information regarding the country's economic relations and evolution, making French companies more motivated than past to be present in Iran.

Khazaei, in his part, expressed his gratitude for increasing economic relations between Iran and France, mentioning that despite of Donald Trump's threats, President of the U.S.A, and some opposed voices in political environment against foreign companies for being in Iran's market, we saw appropriate circumstances related to Iran's economic presence in international arena.
The official went on to say that Iran's risk ranking in OECD could jump to 5 from 6 and also signing financial agreements with some countries for economic projects' finance were some positive evolution.

Khazaei stated that economic relations, using countries' facilities, financial and banking services are two-way path and we never stop our economic growth development's speed due to some countries' fear and caution.

He made the remarks that there are more than millions of economic projects in Iran prepared to be conceded and absorbed finance and if France's banks procrastinate, the projects will be given to those countries ready for them with suitable conditions.

It is worth noting that Mohammad Khazaei has been invited by French Economic and Commercial Employers' Council to talk about expanding bilateral economic relations with France.


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