• 17 December 2017 - 15:50
  • News Code: 79117

CEO of Iran Air said Airbus has accepted to finance Iran's new planes purchase agreements, adding a meeting will be held today by the presence of Airbus representatives to finalize finance deals in Tehran.

Speaking to reporters in the side lines of the Second Transportation Exhibition, Farzane Sharafbafi stated, Airbus has accepted to finance Iran's new planes agreements, saying we are also consulting with other financiers, plus Airbus has undertaken to provide financial resources for the new planes agreements.

Regarding the possible decisions of America's Congress for imposing the new round of sanctions against Iran, CEO of Iran Air mentioned that Congress' decision doesn't have any impacts on Iran's new planes purchase agreements from Boeing, but it may only take a while for issuing licenses by OFAC.

Sharafbafi stressed that new Congress' decisions can't cancel licenses. The official referred to the National Development Fund's $330mn enactment for buying new planes, adding that money hasn't been spent for purchasing planes and the prepayments of the new planes purchase agreements haves been provided from the enactment.


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