• 2 December 2017 - 15:01
  • News Code: 78469

Minister of Communications and Information Technology said there is a preparation for technology infrastructure and digital banking implementation infrastructure, adding the implementation of this kind of banking is awaiting Central Bank's policy.

Regarding digital and non-branch banking in Iran, Mohammad javad Azari Jahromi made the remarks that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is responsible for providing infrastructure to implement digital banking and as far as the ministry is concerned, all conditions have been met.

He went on to say that the preparation for implementing digital and non-branch banking in terms of data center, updated infrastructure and technology, national information network and other requirements which are the ministry's responsibilities, have been provided.

The official stressed that only a part of implementing digital banking is the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's responsibility and the rest of measures and policies are on the shoulder of Central Bank of Iran.

" We should wait until the central bank announces and determines its plans and indicators for the implementing digital and non-bank banking", Azari Jahromi said. 

It is worth noting that the seventh Annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems by focusing on "Innovation, New Players and Effectiveness in Financial Business issues will be held on second and third of Bahman month (23,24 of January,2018) by Monetary and Banking Research Institute in Milad Tower International Conference Hall.


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