• 27 November 2017 - 15:59
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پرچم ایران

Iran's Customs Office reported the volume of foreign trade in the first 8 months by 8 percent increase, stood at 60 billion dollars.

The total foreign trade of Iran in the first 8 months of Iranian calendar (between March to November of 2017) rose by 4.486 billion USD to $60.907 bn, indicating 8 percent growth from a year earlier. Iran's foreign trade in the first 8 month was 56.421 billion dollars.

During the period, customs formalities of 102 million and 381 thousand tons of goods in all Iran's customs were done thoroughly electronically and smartly.

Between March to November 32.419 billion dollars commodities was imported to Iran, comparing with the last year it  grew more than 17%, while the total Iranian non-oil goods exports during that time was 28.488 billion dollars, showing above 1 percent drop.

The major reason for imports increase comes back to basic goods, auto parts, automobiles and capital products. The average price for each tone of imported goods was 1,361 dollars, rising 6.80 percent from a year -on- year.

It is worth mentioning that the average price for each Iranian exported goods was 363 USD, indicating 8.4% growth.

The biggest Iranian products buyers in the first 8 months were China, Iraq, UAE, South Korea and Afghanistan with $5.747 bn, $4.351 bn, $3.893 bn,  $2.747 bn and $ 1.849 bn, respectively.

Accordingly, major exporter countries to Iran were China, UAE, Turkey, South Korea and Germany with $7.951 bn, $5.749 bn, $2.221 bn, $1.844 bn and $1,792 bn, respectively.


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