• 14 November 2017 - 16:29
  • News Code: 77651
کارت اعتباری

Deputy for Innovative Technologies of Iran's Central Bank said infrastructures are ready to join Russia's Mir payment system.

Speaking to reporters regarding Iran's connection to Russian Mir payment system, Naser Hakimi, Deputy for Innovative Technologies of Iran's Central Bank, stated the project is underway and required infrastructures have been established but because of Russian side's reluctance concerning Mir payment system, there is no precise notice from Russian authorities.

In response to a question he was asked with regard to the project will come into effect in January, 2018, Hakimi said we are hopeful and essential measures are in progress.

Talking about Iran's connection to international payment systems, he mentioned although there are some problems on the way of connecting to international payment systems, bilateral connection has been done between Iran and some countries like Russia but it doesn't mean we have forgotten joining the international switch.

The official added currently, both projects are being pursued in a way that Iran's Central Bank has had negotiations for joining international payment system and some countries' switch, adding Iran is seeking to have "two-to- two connection" with some countries.

"Of course two-to-two connection and communication has some merits for our banking system which could lead to decreasing the level of payment commissions because there is no intermediary in this connection", Deputy for Innovative Technologies of Iran's Central Bank said.


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