• 15 October 2017 - 15:15
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پرچم ایران و فرانسه

French Finance Minister during his meeting with Masoud Karbasian emphasized France's support from the nuclear deal, adding French government is determined to develop its economic relations with Iran.

At a meeting with Masoud Karbasian, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, in the sidelines of World Bank Annual Meeting,  French Finance Minister pointed to his profound familiarity about Iran and his several travels to Iran in recent years, stressing France has serious determination to expand and strengthen its economic relations with Iran.

He noted that adhering to the nuclear deal (JCPOA) is important.

The official maintained that Iran's measures in financial transparency and monitoring banking system are laudable, expressing obtaining to some extent of international standards can realize Iran's objectives for expanding international financial transactions and they are very effective.

"France is prepared to cooperate with Iran in this sector", Finance Minister said.

Pointing to the increasing two countries's volume of relations, Karbasian voiced that Iran is prepared to have collaboration with France in various fields. 

 "We welcome the brokerage relation which has been established with Iran, utilizing bank resources for implementing joint projects can pave the path for more opportunities on the way of our joint cooperation", Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said.

Karbasian elaborated on Iran's economic development in different economic fields.


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