• 13 October 2017 - 13:23
  • News Code: 76060
فین تک

Informatics Services Corporation inked an agreement with Russian BPC Company on behalf of Iran's Central Bank to join international payment networks.

In regard to providing a chance for being connected to international payment networks within Strategic Roadmap Projects of Iran's Central Bank, Informatics Services Corporation signed a deal with Russian BPC Company.

Speaking to the process of the agreement, Aboutaleb Najafi, CEO of Informatics Services Corporation, voiced that a few months ago the responsibility of being connected to international payment networks was announced to Informatics Services Corporation in the framework of Strategic Roadmap Projects of Iran's Central Bank and the firm held an international tender for providing a Standard Switch Card System.

He added 9 foreign companies recieved the tender documents and a bid conference was held, 5 companies sent their proposals ultimately.

CEO of Informatics Services Corporation noted the proposals were reviewed by experts and then French World Line, Russian Open Way and Russian BPC companies ranked based on the average marks of evaluation.

Aboutaleb Najafi made the remarks that Russian BPC Company could attain the most score finally and was the tender winner.

The official stated that the deal was inked between Russian and Iranian companies on 11 October.

It is worth noting that BPC Company ;besides, several similar related experiences in different countries, it has signed some implementing Switch Card System deals with Iranian banks.

Najafi expressed the hope that with the help and cooperation of all banking industry's experts and managers during the determined time, required infrastructures will be provided for joining domestic banks to international payment networks.


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