• 18 September 2017 - 15:17
  • News Code: 75042
پرویز عقیلی کرمانی

CEO of Middle East Bank says we hope that opening a new branch of this bank in Munich will have be done by the end of 2017.

At the meeting concerning the necessity of being present in global markets, attracting investment and financing, CEO of Middle East Bank, Parviz Aghili Kermani, revealed that opening a new branch of Middle East Bank in Munich, Germany's capital, is in its final stage.
Also European Central Bank's auditor and the head of Iran's market in PwC institute,Yens Rownirg, plus Hassan Ghalibaf Asl, Organisation of Exchange and Securities' CEO, were attending in the meeting.
Aghili Kermami added Germany's Central Bank has given final confirmation for establishing this branch and we are waiting for Germany's Deposit Insurance Corporation's confirmation.
He expressed that we hope it will have been opened by the end of current year.
Hossein Salimi a member of Middle East Bank's board of directors has already said we hopeful about opening our bank's new branch in Munich by the end of September (ends up 8 Mehr).


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