• 15 September 2017 - 16:19
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ولی اله سیف

Central Bank of Iran's Governor says Iranians bank account crisis in China has been solved, but we expect the better circumstances in which our people can do banking operations comfortably.

Speaking to his trip to China, Central Bank of Iran's Governor, Valiollah Seif, voiced that China had good relation with Iran in the past and sanction period, adding China was one of the countries could solve Iran's many problems via positive cooperations.
He went on to note that these relations have sustained in post-sanction era and will increase in new collaboration atmosphere.
"This atmosphere indicates that Iran and China's relation is increasing and based on two nations' determination there is significant groundwork for the relation's development", Seif said.
Pointing to the series of problems which have happened to Iranians bank account in Chinese bank recently, Central Bank of Iran's Governor expressed that although Chinese side is willing to open bank account for Iranian people, Chinese banks owing to their ambiguity in JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) document had some limitations and we are going to give an explanation concerning this issue to clarify these ambiguities.
The senior official stressed we hope by the support of China Banking Regulatory Commission we make better conditions.
Valiollah Seif reiterated that Iranians bank account crisis has been solve at the present.
Regarding the $10 bn worth agreement between Iranian banks and China's CITIC Trust, Central Bank of Iran's Governor said that this deal was finalized on Thursday in Beijing after a long period of coordination and cooperation of Central Bank and Organization of Foreign Investment's experts.
"The deal was going to be $5 billion at first, then increased to 8 bn USD and finally stood at $10 billion dollars, adding this agreement can lay the groundwork for implementation of megaprojects in Iran", Seif said.

Central Bank of Iran's Governor underlined that according to the agreement's text, it can be implemented in next two weeks, saying the deal's guarantee has been issued by the government and there is no any problem in this scope.


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