• 10 September 2017 - 17:12
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بانک سپه

"Sepah Bank is going to open foreign branches in China, S.Korea and Iraq", Mohammad Kazem Choghazardi said.

CEO of Sepah bank, Mohammad Kazem Choghazardi, revealed the plan of this Iranian bank to open a branch in China, S.Korea and Iraq noting after JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) we could have 107 SWIFT connections and also 55 relevant bank accounts to Sepah were opened or activated in 28 foreign banks.

Managing director of Sepah Bank stressed that based on our predictions in relation to possible trade volume increase, primary measures to open a branch in S.Korea, China and Iraq have been conducted and with the help of domestic and local institutions we will see the activity of the first Iranian bank in those countries.

Regarding the adaptation of Sepah Bank's foreign branches to international and local rules and regulations, Chogharzardi said this bank has established a unit called "Adjustment" to match its activities and performance based on the latest international standards and regulations to combat money laundry and so on.

CEO of Sepah Bank emphasized that during the first five months (ended up Mordad) 575 documents in the foreign exchange field with the value of 556 mn euros have been registered in foreign branches of Sepah Bank.

He touched upon the simultaneous growth of deposite sources and lending facilities as well as improvement of the most Sepah Bank's indexes during the last Iranian calendar year and the first five months of the current year adding Sepah Bank because of its success for attracting sources and injecting it to various economic fields, has had an influential role in the country's economic flourishing.

The senior official underlined that Sepah Bank's foreign branches have been equipped well after international sanctions. Furthermore, this bank in order to facilitate and expedite non-oil exports and raw materials and machinery imports, put extended relations with foreign banks on its agenda.

Mohammad Kazem Choghazardi pointed out, Sepah Bank as previous years is beside the twelveth administration and is determined to contribute the government to achieve its macroeconomic goals and to meet people's microneeds.

CEO of Sepah Bank highlighted this bank has been always a pioneer to implement monetary rules and also as an impressive and disciplined bank to follow Iran's Central Bank's macropolicies.



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