• 5 September 2017 - 12:38
  • News Code: 74517
محمدباقر نوبخت

One billion euros of South Korea's investment will be spent on collaborative hospitals in Iran.

Mohammad Baquer Nobakht, Iran's Government Spoksman, said the Economy's Councile has approved the foreign investment to be done in hospital and water supply fields and also one billion euros of South Kores's investment will be devoted to collaborative hospitals in Iran.

He stressed that one billion euros will be invested in collaborative hospitals in Shiraz, Tehran and Tabriz.

Nonakht delineated for constructing a 723-bed hospital in Tabriz, a 1374-bed Namazi hospital in Shiraz and Tehran's Cardiology Center of Shahid Rajaei with the capacity of 1415 beds , repectively  203 million euros, 406 million and 550 thousand euros and 415 million euros will be invested .

He reiterated that these hospitals are under a collaborative scheme and some part of their repayment will be done by their place of earnings.

Iran's Government Spoksman underlined the main aim of the government by constructing collaborative hospitals is power of choice for patients to receive health service adding these hospitals will be run in a semi-private and semi-state way and the government undertake some parts of hospitals' construction repayment.

Regarding a foreign investment in oil and gas areas, he said the malice of US government against Iran is in place, but in the current year we could attract 5 billion dollars investment in oil fields via TOTAL agreement.

Nobakht noted by cooperation with a foreign side, 200 million and 140 thousand euros will be dedicated to Khozestan province for water supply and the government must predict this foreign facility repayment in its years budget.


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