• 15 August 2017 - 11:43
  • News Code: 73565
شاپور محمدی

Head of Iran's Securities and Exchange Organizations says the tax from losing trades will be lifted in near future.

Head of Iran's Securities and Exchange Organizations, Shapour Mohammadi, made the remarks that commissions will decrease and companies’ activities facilitate.

He urged that tax will be just devoted to profitable deals and those people losing from purchasing shares will be exempted from tax payment soon.

Mohammadi stressed that tax organization has shown green light for lifting tax from losing deals which leads to flourishing in capital market.

“Base volume and range of fluctuations will change drastically this year and commission decrease in stock exchange deals is separate from lifting tax from losing deals”, he said.

Head of Iran's Securities and Exchange Organizations highlighted deals commission decrease is essential for establishing algorithmic trading asserting based on the Supreme Council of Exchange’s act the commission has changed from eight ten thousand to six ten thousand.

Shapour Mohammadi noted the capital market rules were amended approximately 8 years ago and also is being amended again and its results will be sent to the Supreme Council of Exchange.

“There are three major choices for capital market including selecting information correctly, making culture and making transparent. Furthermore, media has a critical role in information justice”, he said.

Mohammadi underscored that launching future contract deals in stock trading, doing crude oil deals on the energy exchange and setting up foreign exchange market with the cooperation of Iran Central Bank are some future actions of Securities and Exchange Organizations, will have been done by the end of current year.


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