• 30 July 2017 - 08:54
  • News Code: 72946
بانکداری الکترونیک

The head of a key Iranian electronic payment firm says two comprehensive NFC applications have been designed and will soon start operating in the country’s transaction system.

According to Rostam Shah-Goshtasbi, Sahand and Mana will unify the NFC payments and replace the numerous existing systems. He said Both Mana and Sahand have already been unveiled by the Central Bank and that Mana is being currently used at Bank Mellat.

Shah-Goshtasbi noted that the entire PSPs and POS machines across the country will be covered by the two new systems and the older ones will be removed.  

He said the pin code requested in Mana is the customer’s second code, which is larger in digits and applied to online purchases. “But the clients generally prefer their first pin code, which is the shorter version in four digits. Talks have already started with the Technology Department at the Central Bank for that to be adjusted when the second application, Sahand is also made available to the banking system,” Goshtasbi added.

Regarding the amounts clients are charged by the new systems, he said the NFC is just a replacement to POS card-based payments and it is not expected to charge clients more than what they are required in the existing system.



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