بانک مرکزی میرداماد

Central Bank in the latest action, by intelligently monitoring banking transactions, identified some unusual transactions that did not have a specific legal or economic purpose and had strong criteria and evidence of Error occurrence and illegal transactions, and they have been unauthorized and illegal transactions was identified.

IBENA - Through monitoring and observation of bank transactions suspected as money laundering by Central Bank, some heads of bank branches and managers of regions who operated these transactions without compliance with legal rules were dismissed, according to public relations of Central Bank.

Central Bank reviews indicate that a significant number of bank deposit accounts with suspected money laundering transactions are included in rental accounts. In these accounts, fraudsters deceive owners of bank accounts to rent out bank accounts of individuals and subsequently settle funds related to their unauthorized actions through them.

Therefore, Central Bank reiterates that responsibility for all transactions and exchanges made through the bank account and the bank card is due to owners of account, noting that owners of rental accounts in addition to being accountable to legal, tax, disciplinary, and judicial authorities, they may be deprived of some social support, such as receiving cash and non-cash subsidies.


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