علی صالح آبادی

The third meeting of Governor of Central Bank was held with experts and economic professors based on CBDC.

IBENA- According to public relations of Central Bank, in this meeting, Dr. Salehabadi announced that operation of the project will be piloted in coming months. The subject of CBDC has been raised a long time ago in monetary and banking policy institution, but in this period a working group consisting of economic, technical and banknotes experts will be doing to the operational phase, Dr. Salehabadi welcomed the points raised by economic experts, and said.

The Governor of Central Bank stated that the priority of Central Bank at this time is to reform the banking system in three sides, but important issues that are now being raised in the world, including CBDC, are not far from Central Bank view, decisions and Important measures have been taken and in this regard, in coming months, we will see pilot implementation of this project in some areas of the country. The head of the Monetary and Credit Council emphasized on culture and education in this field and stated: in addition to implementing this plan on a trial basis, the necessary training and culture in this field must be done by experts.

In addition to implementing this project, necessary training and raising people’s awareness should be conducted by experts, head of Monetary and Credit Council emphasized on culturalize and education in this field, and stated. Dr. Salehabadi announced testing period of the project for six months and said: in addition to pathology of subject, the project will be reported to economic and banking experts to take advantage of the views of intellectuals in this field. In the meeting, economic experts discussed CBDC, proposed solutions for more successful implementation of this plan, and central bank experts answered questions and ambiguities of the guests.


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