Reforming the law of Anti-trafficking of goods and currency, with determination of samples of currency trafficking, has provided severe penalties for the supply, transport or storage of these currencies.

IBENA-According to reform to the Law on Anti-trafficking of goods and currency announced by the President today, in order to currency transactions to be regulated, sales should be registered in Central Bank's currency transactions system, as well as currency owners should not be subjected to currency trafficking label and their consequences, they must Record previous amount of foreign currency assets in this system.

Clause H of Article 2 of the above reforming emphasizes repeatedly in this regard that supply, transportation or storage of currency without a valid purchase invoice or without an entry permit by persons other than an exchange office, bank or credit financial institution licensed by Central Bank, is an example of currency trafficking and, of course, it has been stated that entry of currency into the country up to a ceiling set by Central Bank is excluded from the clause.The same paragraph reads: "Currency holders are obliged to pay the currencies they had before the entry into force of this law and in excess of the amount of portable currency exemption and maintenance declared by the Central Bank and without a valid invoice within three months. "Register information in the system."

Following this clause: The currency owners due to currencies they have had before the law and surplus on the amount of portable currency exemption and maintenance of central bank and lack of billing have been obligated to record information in the system. Also, according to this law, the entry or exposure of currency into the country or even the attempt to exposure from country without observing the rules set by Monetary and Credit Council, would be an example of currency trafficking.

According to the instructions of Central Bank, each passenger can enter up to 10 thousand Euros or equivalent in other currencies and also up to 5000 Euros or equivalent in other currencies from the air borders, up to 2000 Euros or equivalent in other currencies through land borders, Rail and sea out.


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