• 12 April 2022 - 16:07
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آزادسازی منابع ارزی

According to the law of Anti-trafficking of goods and currency, future Dollar transactions are illegal currency trafficking.

IBENA- According to new edition of the Law on trafficking of goods and currency, which was recently notified to the government by the head of the Parliament, future currency transactions will be illegal and considered as smuggling. As article 12 of this law states that currency transaction in an exchange office or where the delivery of currency and its exchange is postponed to the next day or days but does not lead to delivery of currency or there was no intention to deliver the currency first. It will be one of the examples of currency smuggling.

Previously, according to executive instructions for the establishment, operation and supervision of exchange offices announced by Central Bank, conducting transactions where currency transaction, coins of precious metals minted by Central Bank and Rials is postponed to next day or days and did not lead to currency delivery, Rials or coins and just price difference is settled, it was banned by the exchange office. Also, any future and last transactions of currency, future and last of gold coins were allowed by the exchange only in accordance with the rules approved and notified by Central Bank.

Although future transaction was previously banned by central bank, in the new law, future transaction will be considered as an example of currency trafficking for exchange offices and other individuals, and result in fines specific to currency trafficking.


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