سید مهدی نیازی

If we design a medium-term map to know what is the country's strategy and policy in various industrial areas, it is definitely contributing to stability and improvement of business area and prevent the issuance of conflicting and contradictory approvals and directives, vice president of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade said.

Sayyed Mehdi Niazi; In an interview with IBENA, vice president of Coordination and Business of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade pointed to positive changes and economic developments in the second half of last year and added: given good measures that has been formed in the government's economic team and very good level of coordination, there is a major part of issues with more ease between economic and parallelism, which is a kicky point in this year's economic situation.

He argued that the measures performed in the second half of last year are considered a kind of corrective measures, and economic indicators show that economic variables have found a balanced and suitable slope. As an example, in inflation rate when 13th government was deployed, inflation rate was over 44 percent, but the inflation rate announced in the last statistics reflects decreasing process of inflation.

In the field of foreign exchange, we also had very good events, so that by reform of policies that were formed in this field, flow of the currency market became softer and businesses were able to provide currency by better conditions because currency prices went through a stable process, Niazi said.

If these policies continue and removal of obstacles is accelerated, we can reach relative stability in some key variables so that economic agents could plan; In general, this issue can make hope in society and economy of the country, he said.

There should be more coherence in process of work in new year and decisions should be made based on current level of cooperation, referring to the performance we have seen in last six months, he said.

Niazi also referred to the plans of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in 2022 and continued: In Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, we have designed plans at several basic levels that are independent of the country's external variables. That is, whether political situation in the country changes or remains, we will continue the programs fast and seriously. If more obstacles are removed, speed of implementation will increase, and as a result, our program implementation will not stop on specific issues.

In several areas, Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has started structural reform, part of which was organizational structure reform and other parts were due to reform of market structure in the field of basic commodities market. And stock commodities, market of consumer commodities and removal of obstacles to production and export. In this regard, some special measures were taken and very good approvals were taken that platform for these areas is practically being prepared from our view and tools of governance in the field of Industry, mine and Trade will be a perfect tool, vice president of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade emphasized.

Fortunately, good infrastructure was created in the second half of last year, from reforming processes and large-scale coordination between departments to platforms such as chain financing, which will make better conditions for the new year. We also set long-term goals, especially at the end of 4-year term of the 13th government, which are significant numbers. We have clearly stated the specific numbers in the plans, for example, exports are set to be recorded at $ 70 billion by the end of 2025 or growth rate will be stable. However, these issues have requirements that all institutions, including banking system and central bank, must help, he added.


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