صالح آبادی

Currency supplied in 1400 compared to 1399 increased by 57 percent to more than 57 billion dollars; Governor of Central Bank announced.

IBENA - Citing by public relations of Central Bank, Dr. Ali Salehabadi, emphasizing that the situation of currency market is favorable, smooth and balanced, said: the supply of foreign exchange in 1399 was a total of 36.5 billion dollars, but this figure in 1400 Increased to more than $ 57 billion. Governor of Central Bank also pointed to increase in the return of currency from exports to the country: Total supply of currency by exporters in NIMA system during 1400 was 29 billion and 300 million dollars, which has 66 percent growth compared to 1399.

Dr. Salehabadi, explaining the developments in country's currency market last year, added: The amount of buying and selling dollar banknotes in organized foreign exchange market increased by 176 percent in 1400 compared to 1399 reached to 1 billion and 694 million dollars. The dollar banknote rate in this market was 24,754 Tomans at the beginning of period and 24,814 Tomans at the end of period. According to Governor of Central Bank, purchase and sale of euro banknotes in organized market of foreign exchange transactions in 1400 compared to 1399 with an increase of 186 percent also reached to 299 million euros. This amount was 8 and 80 million Euros in 1398 and 1399, respectively.

Dr. Salehabadi, saying that average dollar-transactions rate in NIMA System began at the beginning of 1399 with a figure of 13.818 Tomans and this figure reached $ 23.023 at the end of this year, added: while average dollar-transactions rate in NIMA system at the beginning of 1400 was starting at 23.200 Tomans and has ended with an average transaction of 23.891 Tomans.


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