• 8 March 2022 - 16:16
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Memorandum of chain financing between Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade with 5 operating Banks, and the number of project executive banks increased to 12 banks.

IBENA- Sayyed Mahdi Niazi at signing ceremony of a chain financing Memorandum with 5 operating banks and unveiling of Tejarat Bank payment management system for chain financing in automotive industry, added: chain financing is an example of coordination of the government's economic team to Ease of access to resources, liquidity guidance and reduction of diversion of resources will be achievements of this project.

Announcing chain financing resolution in State economic coordination headquarters

In following words, he added that State economic coordination headquarters was notified about chain financing, adding that this kind of financing resolution was seriously on the government's agenda, and central bank also announced the necessary instructions.

Monitoring and observation of financing in country's banking network

Deputy of coordination of business environment from Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, expressed that the issue of Monitoring and observation of financing in country's banking network is specially on the agenda, explained: fundamental and infrastructure measures are carried out and data systems of executive devices in this area has been associated either.

Payment of facilities based on comprehensive trade system invoices

Mehdi Niazi, stating that observation and records of transaction factors are carried out in a comprehensive business system, continued: This is based on a resolution at different levels of governance, first deputy of President and Central Bank, and payment of facilities will be based on the same registration factors.

He stated about a memorandum with 5 agricultural banks, cooperative development, future, Iran, and the Middle East: these understandings about chain finance, as well as the issue of paying facilities based on the inquiry of the factors of the comprehensive trade system.

Regarding the signing of memorandums with 5 bank Keshavarzi, Tose'e Ta'avon Bank, Ayandeh Bank, Iran Zamin Bank and Middle East Bank, these memorandums are about chain financing and also issue of payment of facilities based on factors from comprehensive trade system, he said.

In December of this year,7 operating banks with cooperation and interaction of Central Bank and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance started this plan as pilot, which continued five Keshavarzi, Tose'e Ta'avon Bank, Ayandeh Bank, Iran Zamin Bank and Middle East Bank were added to these banks and today Signed the relevant memoranda. In total, 12 banks participate in chain financing plan.


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