• 9 November 2020 - 16:57
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The new US administration must return to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action without any restrictions, this is the most important and the first step that must be put at the top of the agenda in relation to Iran.

IBENA- "The most important economic action that new US administration must take in relation to Iran is to return to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which has both an economic and a political messages," said general director of Europe and US office in Trade Development Organization.

In an interview to IBENA, Behrouz Hassan Olfat stated: "However, it is possible that during this period that U.S. has withdrawn from this international commitment, considerations and margins have been defined by both sides and, of course, most for United States, new negotiations and conditions are considerate." Yes, but this is not all, and United States must return to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action without any conditions, just as it left.

"This carries a message that any strategy and action taken by the Trump administration was completely wrong," he said, referring to Biden's remarks about U.S. return to the Plan of Action. Because it is an international commitment, and United Nations had also approved it.

According to Olfat speech, however, leaving that plan was immoral, unprofessional and inconsistent to international conditions and principles. In another part of his remarks, The General Director said: "It is a misconception that a return to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will completely solve all our economic problems; because as signing and implementation of that plan, our expectations were not met, especially in the field of banking.

“We expected banking relations to be established based on the promises made by countries, and even though high-ranking US officials,
Emphasized banking relations to Iran in their speeches as political view, but practically we saw no evolvement in this part.” This showed that behind-the-scenes layers are still in power and continue to target Iran's economic infrastructure in international arena and will not allow the conditions to return to normal.

In addition to external pressures, some issues required to be resolved domestically, Olfat pointed out, said: "We also had a problem about that plan domestically: Banking system was not ready and able to be in global network." A clear example is FATF, which has not related to US sanctions and that plan, but it is a global phenomenon that we must accept principles and rules for banking and financial communications.
"For this certain reason, banking system was lagging behind and the plan could not solve this issue in short term, and we practically did not make any assumptions in banking field." As a result, although return of U.S. to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as the most important and first action has both a political and an economic messages, but it is not enough alone, but we have to see How will world banking system deal with Iran?; General Director of European and American Office of Trade Development Organization added.

"Part of this issue is related to themselves who still have affected by a part of power in the world monetary system that does not want financial issues with Iran to be done transparently and easily, and the other part is related to the country that should assign on the subject of FATF or similar cases; Olfat added.


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