• 2 February 2020 - 12:42
  • News Code: 111197

According to a report released by Shaprak, the number of active POS (Payment terminal) in Iran by the end of January reached more than 8.16 million.

According to IBENA, the latest economic report from Iran’s Electronic Card Payment Corporation (Shapark) released in January on the number of electronic payment network reception tools shows an upward trend as the country's card reader fleet reaches over 2 million units. By the end of January, the number of store terminals registered on Shaprak network reached 8 million and 165 thousand and 566 devices, which is a growth of 2.55 percent compared to December 2018.

On the other hand, with the growth of internet and mobile reception devices growing by 2.03 and 1.26 percent respectively, the number of active internet and mobile reception devices has reached 1.116 and 1.29 million terminals, respectively.

Generally, the total number of active system reception devices in the electronic payment network increased to 10.5 million by the end of January, which experienced a 2.22 percent growth compared to December 2018.

According to the table above, the penetration rate of a store POS for every 10,000 people over the age of 18, regarding a population of 59,654,742 and 8,165000 million and active terminals, by the end of January amounted to 1,368 thousands card reader for every 10,000 thousand people. In addition, the penetration rate of Internet and mobile reception devices per 10,000 people during the same period has been announced 1,116,000 internet terminals and 1,292,000 mobile terminals for 187 and 216 reception devices for every 10,000 people respectively.


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