• 17 March 2018 - 14:44
  • News Code: 83659

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said in banking area we have not returned to the pre-sanction era yet, but we are not in banking dead end and some good achievements have been acquired.

Regarding Iran's banking relations in post-sanction era, Seyed Abbas Araghchi stated that when the U.S. noticed that it can't decertify JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) created circumstances in which countries be worried because of working with Iran and being fined by America. Therefore many companies and banks don't work with Iran due to this mental atmosphere and it is a fact.

He mentioned that these are against JCPOA making our share less from JCPOA, continuing we have adhered to our commitments thoroughly. "We expected the benefit from the removal of sanctions happens completely, but it doesn't mean that there is no achievement and if there were nothing, there wouldn't have any reason to stick to JCPOA. Our oil sale has come back to normal state, our oil export and petrochemical reverted to the normal state too. Our oil tankers and vessels were locked because of the lack of insurance, but have resumed their activities these days", Araghchi said.

The official referred to the Santchi ship, expressing JCPOA works well concerning oil tankers and vessels' insurance, because the ship had insurance namely it had three major international insurance, otherwise we had to pay over hundreds of million dollars.

Deputy Foreign Minister highlighted that in banking area we haven't returned to the pre-sanction era yet, but it has several reasons and one of them is the atmosphere which has been made by the U.S.A., another one is some limitations which have been imposed by FATF because of money laundry. The official said one more reason is initial sanctions of U.S. which are still in place and are not related to JCPOA and also some parts of the problems have root in domestic banks.

He stated all in all it doesn't mean we are in banking dead end."Good achievements have been acquired, many financial transactions have been done or are being done, many brokerage relations have been established after sanctions with hundreds of foreign banks and also Iranian banks' foreign branches are working. Our oil is sold and its money is returned", Araghchi said.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that we have benefited a lot from JCPOA, but our benefit hasn't been complete and as we are committed to JCPOA completely, expect to benefit it thoroughly.


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