• 20 February 2018 - 19:53
  • News Code: 82435

Member of Iran's planning, budgeting and calculations commission highlighted that Iran doesn't come back to FATF's black list.

Regarding the possibility of Iran's coming back to FATF's black list, Mohammad Hosseini said revenues resources in the country's financial area in turnover levels should be transparent as to Iran's presence in FATF, in so doing the act of anti-money laundering was enacted a few years ago in Iran's parliament. 

He went on to say that following parliament's act, Iran's Central Bank passed some statutes in this regard, in order to have more transparency in turnover field, the parliament should take a step in this area, because this issue falls outside government and banks' jurisdiction.

The official stressed that legislative power should intervene in economic transparency area, mentioning currently an act in parliament's commissions is being reviewed and one act has been enacted, waiting for the Guardian Council's approval.

"The pretext for putting Iran on FATF's black list is the lack of such law, but this issue is not true and FATF wants to put pressure on Iran, while Iran is committed to principals of revenues transparency" Member of Iran's planning, budgeting and calculations commission said.

Hosseini expressed that based on shariat laws, earning money through smuggling and inhumane affairs is rejected in Iran, reporting in the near future some barriers will be removed and no pretext FATF's managers will have.

Member of Iran's parliament emphasized that Iran doesn't come back to FATF's black list again.


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