• 11 October 2017 - 15:59
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بانک مجازی

Indian ambassador to Iran revealed that three Iranian banks requested to open a branch in India and said Indian trade delegation will travel to Iran in November.

Pointing to the recent meeting with Indian Ministers of Economy and Finance, Indian ambassador to Iran in his visit to International Deputy of Iran's Chamber of Commerce expressed the removal of Iran and India's relations' barriers was discussed, emphasizing the problem must be solved. 

"Currently three Iranian private banks, namely Saman, Parsian and Pasargad made a request to open a branch in India and also Pasargad Bank has passed the final stages and is about to open its branch in Mumbai", Saurab Kumar, Indian ambassador, said.

The official added Indian state banks like UCO Bank are willing to open a branch in Iran too. He expressed the hope that it will be operated soon.

"During the trip of the trade delegation of India's Chambers of Commerce and Industry Association to Iran, Indian state banks' representatives will attend and I have a request that they have a meeting with Iranian banks' representatives", Indian Ambassador stated .

Regarding Indian ambassador's talks about lifting the obstacles, Mohammad Karbasi, Iran's International Deputy of Chamber of Commerce, voiced having trade relations rely on having robust banking and financial relations, adding in recent Iranian trade delegations of the Chamber of Commerce to Ukraine, Croatia and Spain, banking activists attended and making a connection with European banks was reviewed.

Karbasian said Iran's preparation to welcome Indian trade delegation, noting that Iran's Chamber of Commerce as always welcomes trade delegations and lays the groundwork for more bilateral cooperation.



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