• 30 September 2017 - 14:40
  • News Code: 75520

Hinduja Bank's founder says there is a possibility to be present in Iran.

Hinduja Bank's founder voiced that 300 banks were active in Switzerland, but the number of active banks has decreased to 120 ones today and weak banks have been shut down or integrated.

"Our bank is one of the most powerful banks and it is still active in Zurich, London and Dubai", he stated.

He went on and noted Hinduja Bank has more than 100 companies and 100 thousand staff. The founder expressed "private-sector doesn't establish a bank in India and we we are an only group in the country with one thousand and 700 branches, plus our bank has three branches in Germany and also works as a financier in different parts of the world such as Dubai."

Regarding the good relations between Iran and Germany, "there is a possibility of the presence of Hinduja's online bank in Iran which is based in Germany", Hinduja founder said.

The founder made the remark that one of the subsidiaries of this bank could find treatment for Phantom Pain disease in amputee patients.


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