• 7 September 2017 - 16:44
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سال پایه آماری

Iran's Statistical Center reports the GDP grew 7 percent in the spring, compared to the year earlier.

Statistical Center of Iran reported the Iran's GDP growth in the first three months of the current Iranian calander year by taking into account oil stood at 1,836,427 bn rials and this figure without considering oil was 1,456,693 bn rials, compared to year-on-year it is 1,723,857 billion rials and 1,361,005 billion rials by considering GDP with oil and without oil, respectively.

This report reveals that Iran's GDP by taking into account oil rose to 6.5% and by eliminating it increased to 7 pecent in the spring.

Also agriculture group 3.1 percent, industry group, which includes extraction of crude oil and natural gas, other mines, industry, energy and construction, 4.9 % and services group went up 8.3 percent, compared to the corresponding season last year.

The current calculation in Iran's statistical Center is based on 15 major areas consisting of 42 fields ;therefore, agriculture group is comprised of subcategories of agriculture and horticulture,

animal husbandry, forestry and fishing. Added point, industry group includes subcategories of extraction of crude oil and natural gas, extraction of other mines, industry, supply of water, electricty and natural gas as well as construction part.

Moreever, services group cover the subsets of retail and wholesale, hotels, restaurant, transportation, communications, financial brokerage, real estates, public affairs, education, health, social work and other services.


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