• 24 June 2017 - 10:45
  • News Code: 71289
فرشاد حیدری

Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iran Farshad Heydari stated that Samen credit institution made a formal application for receiving license from the CBI.

“ Samen credit institution is on track to join certifies institutes and depositors do not need to worry,” Heydari said in an interview with Ibena.

He expressed that the institution has taken measures like underwriting in stock market and depositing at the Central Bank and accordingly it is joining the certified institutes.

Heydari continued that the legal procedure and addressing the demand by this institution are still in progress and could lead to issuing a license or merging with another bank or credit institution.

“But in either cases the depositors of these institutions will face no troubles,” he noted.

The CBI Deputy Governor also said that Samen credit institution requested the depositors to recourse to the branches of the institution as needed and use their services ensuring that issuing a license or merging the institution will be done with consideration of their rights and preservation of their deposits.


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